Thursday, July 25, 2013

Major news stories of PTSD veterans and suicides ignored

On JULY 18th the Army released suicide report totals April and May
Army Releases May 2013 Suicide Information

For April 2013, the Army reported 11 potential suicides among active-duty soldiers: five have been confirmed as suicides and six are under investigation.

The Army released suicide data today for the month of May 2013. During May, among active-duty soldiers, there were 12 potential suicides. None have been confirmed as suicides and 12 remain under investigation.

For calendar year 2013, there have been 64 potential active-duty suicides: 31 have been confirmed as suicides and 33 remain under investigation. Updated active-duty suicide numbers for calendar year (CY) 2012: 183 (162 have been confirmed as suicides and 21 remain under investigation).

For April 2013, among that same group, the Army reported 16 potential suicides; however, subsequent to the report, one more case was added bringing April’s total to 17 (14 Army National Guard and three Army Reserve). None have been confirmed as suicides and 17 cases remain under investigation.

During May 2013, among reserve component soldiers who were not on active duty, there were 10 potential suicides (eight Army National Guard and two Army Reserve). None have been confirmed as suicides and 10 remain under investigation.

For CY 2013, there have been 70 potential not on active duty suicides (45 Army National Guard and 25 Army Reserve): 22 have been confirmed as suicides and 48 remain under investigation. Updated not on active duty suicide numbers for CY 2012: 140 (93 Army National Guard and 47 Army Reserve). Of these, 138 have been confirmed as suicides and two remain under investigation.

This is the 4th week of July yet they have not released the June suicide numbers along with the entire report for 2012 Suicide Event Report This is the data researchers depend on to get the facts. It isn't as if they can really trust what they are told since we've all been told too many things that turned out to not be true too many times before.

While journalists have been focusing on Zimmerman, Anthony Weiner there were two families searching for sons they loved, both with PTSD and both lost their lives.

FORT CAMPBELL, KY. — A family member of Spc. Brandon David Bertolo has confirmed that the body found in a Fort Campbell training area Friday morning is that of the 23-year-old “Strike” Brigade soldier, missing since July 14.

In California it was the family of Erik Jorgenson searching for him. "On Thursday night he sent out a mass text message basically saying he was a waste of oxygen on this earth," said Cindy Crow, Erik’s mother. A message to make a mother's heart stop but their search came to a sad end as well.

You may think you know what is going on if you watch the news but you really don't know what else is happening and that is really sad. Our troops and veterans deserve so much better and so do their families.

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