Monday, July 15, 2013

New organization helps vets cope with PTSD

New organization helps vets cope with PTSD
Navy vet deals with PTSD 25 years later
Author: Mariza Mendoza, Reporter
Published On: Jul 14 2013

Kevin Taylor is a disabled navy veteran. Just a few years ago he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

His trauma happened July 3, 1988. That's when he served as a radar controller aboard the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf. His job was to watch for military aircraft coming out of Iran.

Iran air flight 655 was in the air space and never identified itself, despite six radio challenges from him.

Taylor's captain fired the shot that took that plane down. All 290 people were killed. More than 25 years later, the incident still gives him nightmares.

"It's not about stopping the pain, it's about stopping the suffering associated with the pain. The pain is inevitable, suffering is optional," said Taylor.

He may not have fired the fatal shot, but he still has a heavy heart for that plane going down. Now he has a healthier way of dealing with his emotions.

That's why he founded Hope4PTSDVets. It's an organization founded by veterans for veterans wounded by trauma.
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According to the news report this groups seems to be hitting all the key areas many other groups fail to address. First, there is no one size program that helps everyone. The key is to keep looking until you find what works for you.

They are working with families. That is vital because families are on the front line. Support the family and you support the veteran healing. If you leave out the family, you end up with higher suicides, attempted suicides, divorces and homeless veterans. You also see family members suffering because they don't understand.

Think it doesn't hit families? Think about your own family when you come home in a bad mood. How many times does your spouse think it is their fault? How many times do your kids blame themselves?

When it is PTSD and no one in the family understands it, the reactions of everyone factors into making PTSD worse. When they understand it and have support behind them as well, the whole family heals.

Hope4PTSDVets is also working on meditation, key in addressing the need for the body to learn how to calm down again. They are doing equine therapy, shown to help many calm down as well.

All of this seems really good but I didn't see anything on taking care of the spiritual needs. I'll keep checking on this group to learn more about them.

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