Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cure for PTSD has been found

Cure for PTSD has been found
De-Tour Combat PTSD Survivors' Guide
Kathie Costos
August 29, 2013

After 40 years, billions spent by the government, mental health community and countless universities along with an ever growing list of charities, the cure for PTSD has been discovered, so they can all give back the money they collected. They can stop writing prescriptions. Stop telling everyone what to do while bucking against what other organizations are doing and pretending they have all the answers.

While there is no one size fits all PTSD cases because there are different levels along with just as many causes, the solution used most has been medicate it with legal drugs as well as street drugs and alcohol. That leaves the pharmaceutical companies searching for a cure for old age instead of PTSD numbing pretending the pills fix everything.

The cure is to stop all trauma. End it. Boycott it. Stop sending young men and women into combat. Stop letting people cause accidents. Stop letting people commit crimes. Stop letting parents and other adults abuse kids. Stop domestic violence of every kind. This will stop police officers from having to risk their lives. Stop bullies. Stop health issues. Stop fires. This will stop firefighters from having to risk their lives. Stop storms. Stop floods. Stop other countries from doing what they do and then stop this country from feeling the need to do something without having a clue what that "something" will end up producing after they do it.

Stop people from dying? Ok that is going a bit too far. We'll have to settle for a warning before anyone dies from this point on. Naturally that also causes trauma because just getting the news that someone will die will be traumatic in itself.

You can't stop with those. Childbirth is also traumatic. If a woman discovers she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby, put her to sleep at a certain time and she'll never know what happened during childbirth. If she doesn't want the baby, put her in a coma for seven or eight months and take the baby out but don't tell her you did it. That way she'll never have to deal with deciding what to do or wonder for the rest of her life what happened to the baby later on. As for the shock of discovering she was pregnant in the first place there isn't much you can do about that unless you boycott sex. As for the Dad of the unwanted, just send him the bill for contributing to the child he not only wouldn't have cared about but probably didn't even know about in the first place.

Since none of the above are possible it is easier to understand why there is no cure for PTSD. No cure has been found in all these years but researchers have discovered a long list of things to do to help heal from the traumatic events we survive.

The best thing to do is talk about it with someone you trust in a safe place that takes your emotions out of the event and into the safe surroundings. Trust is important so that you don't hold back and you know what you have to say is important. I've seen people check their watch when they are only pretending to listen. It it important that they do not try to fix you on the spot or treat what you're saying as if it is a contest they want to compete with you on. It is your moment to really matter and the way you are treated afterwards can either prevent the trauma from taking hold or changing you from that point on.

When you know you have a problem that will usually show up about 30 days after the event. If the feelings are not getting weaker then you may need to go see a professional to be evaluated. They have tests as well as pills and while most are not experts on trauma, they have enough knowledge to figure out what is going on.

Then if you find out it is PTSD, you need to keep seeing the professional but you also need to hook up with a program to teach your body how to work without the adrenaline rush. Not as easy as it sounds because what may work for your buddy, bores the hell out of you. Just like medications are not the same for everyone, body works are an individual thing.

Oh, but you are not done yet. You have to take care of the spiritual part of you too. No, I'm not talking about going to church or getting hit over the head with a bible and someone telling you are you suffering because you are sinful. I am talking about the kind of spiritual stuff Christ talked about. Talking to God, asking for forgiveness for whatever you feel you need to be forgiven for and forgiving other people including the ones trying to kill you. But then you have to work on your relationships starting with the people you treated like crap as well as the forgiving them for pushing you away. Not so easy but necessary.

Once you accept the fact that the only cure for PTSD is to stop all traumatic events, you are a lot closer to understanding why it hit you. You, my dear, are human and other humans come into your life for better or worse. Unless you live in a cave from the day you are born, which comes with a whole other set of issues, things happen that you were really not ready for but as you saw in the list above, getting the warning is also shocking itself. Besides would you really want to never come into contact with another human ever again?

Stop hearing a child laugh? Stop hearing a joke? Stop hearing I love you? Stop hearing music? Stop hearing someone tell you that you matter to them?


  1. This is a wonderful commentary. You really nail the frustration many of us feel. You also do what the Government has yet to do. You drop political correctness and talk about the importance spirituality. Thank you!